Re: [CR]eBay outig, 62cm Ritchey with faux lugs?!?

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Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 21:26:36 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]eBay outig, 62cm Ritchey with faux lugs?!?

Hello all, I am the owner and seller of this frame. Thanks to all who chimed in concerning this auction and its description.

I stand corrected. It is a common misconception and one might say "urban myth" that Tom carved these lug-like shapes out of the filleted joint, see this link as an example of the myth:

but in fact, it was a sleeve applied and scalloped to a lug shape. See this link to the Annapurna frame in Ritchey's 1985 catalog that mentions the method:

In any case, its a beautiful, early example of a Tom Ritchey road frame, perhaps pre-dating all his mountain bikes by a few years.

David - I wouldn't be selling it if it wasn't too large for me!

And, as the ebay ad says, Brian Baylis did the repaint, so he has seen the frame "in the nude", and might be the most informed lister to comment on the construction method. Any words to enlighten us, Brian?

-Dan Borden in Brookline, MA

At 7:23 AM +1000 5/20/04, David Benson wrote:
>e-richie wrote, regarding the Ritchey frame,ebay #
>"there is no way he carved lug-ish edges from a pile
>fillet braze - and that's what i read from the text.
>made have done that lamination-situation. that's my
>to which Harris Spracher responded :
>"Thank you! Been biting my lip since I first spotted
>this some time ago.My question is, why would you even
>I spoke with Tom Ritchey about these frames when he
>visited New Zealand last year. They are indeed made by
>brazing a sleeve to the ends of the tube, then fillet
>brazing, similar to a Claud Butler Bilaminate lug.
>My understanding is that Tom used this method so that
>he could use a 1-1/8" top tube.
>The bottom bracket is lugless, to allow the seat tube
>to be ovalised.
>Instead of a chainstay bridge the frame has a 'park
>bench' gusset made from formed sheetmetal, brazed to
>the stays and the BB:
>If this frame was 2cm smaller, I would be the owner
>already. If anyone on the list wants to part with one
>of these frames, around 60-62 centre-top, lets talk
>David Benson
>Auckland, NZ
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