[CR] Ruban Jaune Are Old Bikes Faster Than Modern Machines?

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Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 14:28:54 -0400
From: Grant McLean <Grant.McLean@SportingLife.ca>
Subject: [CR] Ruban Jaune Are Old Bikes Faster Than Modern Machines?
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Have you taken to measuring the tailwind in those examples?? Paris-Roubaix was not a time trial, last time I checked. The fact that Peter Post didn't lolley-gag around for the first 5 hours of the race doesn't "prove" anything.

I don't think you can draw the conclusion you have with that logic.

Grant McLean Toronto.Ca

Michael Butler Huntingdon UK. wrote: Probably not but in the case of the " Hell of the North" Paris-Roubaix definitely yes. In the 1964 event Peter Post rode the event at a speed of 45.129 kph or 28.042 mph. I think this record still stands or it did in 1994, someone will correct me if its wrong. Think the fastest Ruban Jaune (yellow ribbon) was by the Italian Vigna in the 1964 Three Varesine Valleys at 47.17kph or 29.311 mph. But the record that we all remember here in Europe is Freddy Maertans 1975 Paris-Brussels at 46.11kph or 28.651mph. Our own Sean Yates held the record for the fastest stage win in the Tour de France for many years.