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Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 13:05:16 -0400
From: Peter Jon White <>
To: Ted Baer <>
Subject: Re: [CR]27" tubular rims
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Ted Baer wrote:
> As per the 1963 "Holdsworthy Aides" catalog (see page
> 76), there were indeed 27" tubular rims available from
> the likes of Fiamme, Mavic, Weinmann, and Constrictor.
> These rims are under the heading "Rims-Sprint."
> Here is some of the text:
> Fiamme had 27" road model and a track model tubular
> rims.
> Mavic had a Piste model (probably the 27" tubulars on
> the current wheelset auction on eBay.)
> Weinmann produced 27" "hollow alloy" and "wood lined"
> tubular rims.
> And Constrictor produced a Conloy rim (27") of which
> the description reads: "Probably the strongest hollow
> sprint rim made, has a very deep well so that most
> TUBULARS need a rim tape to lift them from the edge,
> or the walls are liable to chafe. 27" only.
> Page 77 of the Holdsworthy Aids reads: "RIMS--WIRED
> ON" at the top of the page and goes on to list Fiamme,
> the Constrictor Asp, the Brillani, and the Weinmann
> Alesa.

Do they also list 700c sizes? If not, I suspect that what they are calling 27" is what we would call 700c. I know for a fact that the Japanese did so. And as another poster commented, Continental refers to their 700c tubulars as 27" even today. I have them in stock and it says so right on the box.

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