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I think it would be quite an amazing event to organize something together with the Tour De France at the end of one the stages, organize a lightweight bike ride and bike show, I'm sure we'd draw a lot of interest, there must be a few people on the list with good connections. There would definitely be a lot of interest as we noticed last year when the tour turned 100 years young, there were programs every other day on German T.V. about the various vintage bikes from the Tour, who the riders were and the bikes they used, but from looking at some of the collections on this list I'm sure we'd shock the cycling world and I'd think it would be interesting for the pro's to check out a euro-cirque as I'm sure some of those pro's have nice collection of bikes at home as well....just a thought... after a usual 100 km bike messenger day in the streets of Berlin Dustin Nordhus Berlin, Germany

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> What was NIKE saying!..................Just do it!

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\r?\n> > Would anyone consider coming over to Germany next year for a European

\r?\n> > mini Cirque, which would most definitively be called differently, like

\r?\n> > Belmer Blitz (Belm Lightning) or something like that? If I get some

\r?\n> > response, a group of us here might be tempted to give it a try.

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