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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 15:09:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harris <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Late Style Campy Cranks
To: Daniel Artley <>,,
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I am not familiar with this process.However I do know that crankshafts in internal combustion engines are both cast and forged.And in custom applications milled from stock/billet.And that premium forgings are the toughest.This is supposed to be due to a grainular flow that is gained through the forging process.Real diesels have forged cranks-period.What has been described sounds similar to this in theory/logic.I am sure someone on the list knows for sure. Harris Spracher Waynesboro Va.

Daniel Artley <> wrote: I once spoke to a Campy USA guy about those cranks. I'd gotten a set of the new lazer etched one's from e-Ritchie after requesting a set for conversion to triple with a 74 mm bolt pattern. Of course I had to have the original record fluted ones and I called Campagnolo USA to try to track them down. The guy tried to convince me I was better off with the new ones. He said they were cast electrostatically (is that the term?) so that the molecules were lined up in the directions of the arms, thus making the structure of it stronger. Its been a long time, but I think he added that it was better than milling it from a solid block of alloy. I've had the cranks sitting in a box for years until I set it up on a fixed gear back in 2001, certainly no problems, and it goes well on a modern retro? off topic Surly frame.

Does anyone on the list know anything about casting components with an electric charge running through it and its affects?


Dan Artley Parkton, Maryland
>>> 05/24/2004 10:43:36 AM >>> I have a question about the late style non-fluted Campy NR/SR cranks. Was there anything else different about these other than the non-fluted arms? I mean, was there anything about them that addressed the cracking problem? Personally, I never had a Campy crank crack, but DO NOT want to open that can of worms again. Thanks for your input!
Jim Cole
Memphis, TN