Re: [CR]Suggestion for Favourite Parts

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Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 23:31:56 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Suggestion for Favourite Parts
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From: "Bob Reid" <>
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Peter wrote ;
> Why indeed. The CR website does, happily, have component sections under
> their respective countries. Of course, not everything is listed nor can
> it
> be. But it's a start.
> The single best source of splendid component photos on the web: Hilary
> Stone's eBay auctions. Hands down. You save these images over the course
> of
> six months or so and you'd have the makings of an amazing website! You
> can
> also be tormented by all those delicious bits you couldn't possibly
> afford. ---

Not speaking on behalf of Richard, I think you're missing the point of his suggestion. I took it from what he wrote that he can see a need to single out any listees nominations for a favourite component and present these on the web in isolation rather than just another web based cycle components data book. At least that way anyone could get the benefit of the listees knowledge. If you took your own suggestion to heart there would be no need for the ' rollbritannia' photo files - these could just as easily have been passed on to Dale for inclusion under the appropriate section of the CR website... Hilary's excellent photo's are also a good resource but they only indicate what he has for sale, and what makes top-dollar, not necessarily what the listees favourites are. Of course one mans meat etc. applies, but at least a photo and a wee bit explanatory text extolling the virtues of a nominated part would give some justification as to why it is so.

Dale's CR components sections are a good primer on what was available and when, and despite his other more pressing priorities are kept moderately up to date, but like the old eating elephants proverb(or should that be 80s management guru proverb) is best eaten in chunks.

To prove to anyone or even just to myself what benefit it might have, I'll start the ball rolling, and consequently ask monthly on the list for nominations (Dale and the list rules permitting)... watch this space...

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland (mapped)