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Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 18:22:18 +0200

The Maxi-Cars in this "trumpet" shape are the last version and have been built until the late 90s , so 130mm rears are nothing unusual. You can install them into a 126mm frame directly. It won't do any harm to frame or hub. I'd recommend a top of the line (silver or gold, not black) Sachs/Maillard 7 or 8speed freewheel. Are you sure about the french threads? Sounds unusual for a late Maxi Car. Detailed Pics and description (german) can be found at


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I was lucky enough to "win" a Maxi-Car rear hub on ebay. It looks just like the one at:

When measuring it (for spokecalc) I was surprised to find that it is 130 mm wide.

Does that mean it is recent vintage? I was hoping to use it on an early 70's Mercier that has a 126 mm drop-out width. Should I spread the dropouts? Can I shorten the hub width?

It looks as if it has French thread (35 mm O.D. on freewheel threads). What types of freewheels went on 130mm threaded hubs?

Where can I find technical information about Maxi-Cars? Are spare parts still available? Are the sealed bearings standard?

It spins great and looks very rugged ... was it designed for tandems? If so, do I need to use special spokes?

Any help is much appreciated.

Amir Avitzur Modi'in, Israel (where we saw figs are ripening on the trees, juicy sabras on cactus and bright, beautiful sunflowers on our morning ride)