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Subject: [CR]Re: GBSC sponsorship. Now: My p.o.v.

I presume the German Bicycle Sports Club was originally composed of German-Americans. I doubt many if any of them were Nazis. To me, it is every bit as acceptable and an Irish Bike Club, or an English Bike Club or and Italian Bike Club. I bought my first lightweight bike from a retired German-American engineer, Heinz Linke.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> to me, the irony is that it was "okay" that it was acceptable
> to sponsor the German Bicycle Sports Club though the colors
> "had to go".
> that's all i'll say about it.
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> Understandable that a Jew who survived the Nazi era would not care for
> the
> German colors, particularly if he was raised in Europe. Proabably the
> majority of European Jews living in the 30's or 40's had some realtives
> or
> friends imprisoned or killed by the Nazis, even if they themselves
> escaped
> this fate. I've read this also extended to non-Jews in Eastern Europe,
> in
> that when the Peace Race was the biggest race in Soviet-controlled
> Eastern
> Europe, the East Germany riders encountered a lot of hostility from
> spectators who remembered the Nazi actions during the war. The Italians
> didn't seem to provoke the same type of hostility. The Italian fascists
> never seem to have been as fanatical as the Nazis, and their support of
> Hitler's anti-Semitism was often very half-hearted. It's been documented
> that in the Balkans Italian occupation officials often helped Jews escape
> Nazi concentration camps by issuing them Italian exit documents. So I
> guess
> after the war, most people would have had no problem with an Italian
> Bicycle
> Sport Club with red white & green colors.


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