Re: [CR]extremely unusual "track-bike" seller on ebay

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Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 20:25:46 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]extremely unusual "track-bike" seller on ebay
From: Todd Kuzma <>
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on 5/30/04 3:51 PM, at wrote:
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> The ebay ad is blantantly false. First the seller (applecart2) claims that
> some low-end taiwanese made Bianchi model is one of their "top of the line".

Actually, it's probably a Japanese-built Bianchi. These bikes were generally considered to be of higher quality than what the Italian factory was kicking out at the time. Still, point made. He's not the first seller to be over-enthusiastic in his descriptions.
> This seller deals exclusively in bikes with over 1000 auctions, so I highly
> doubt this is an "innocent oversight".

He also has over 1000 positive feedback responses with only 7 negatives.
> He pulls the same with his statement that this is a "track" bike. Clearly
> a purposefull misleading statement designed to ensnare the uneducated. And it
> appears from his negative feedback that more than one person has called him
> on this "mis-print".

Perhaps he was trying to clarify what the bike was to those who are unfamiliar with the phrase "fixed gear." In any case, the description and photos are clear. Couldn't you race that on the track if you took the brake off? Looking at the auction where he received the negative feedback, it is clear that the buyer purchased the bike without reading the description or looking at the pictures.
> I know that it is caveate emptor on ebay, but does ebay have any avenue
> to "correct" these repeatedly obvious false claims.

This guy might be guilty of exaggerating, but there is far, far worse misrepresentation going on elsewhere on eBay. Some of those crooks make this guy look like a saint.

Plus, when it comes to repeated false claims, what about the 1000_ positive feedback responses such as:

"Item arrived as described. Well packed. Thanks." "BIKE IN GOOD CONDITION AS DESCRIBED" "Great transaction - as advertised - thanks!" "Item as described, very fast, great ebay seller! Thanks!" "Great seller, product as described - would buy another" "Item as advertised (converted road bike - no loc ring) - very timely - Thanks!" "Accurate description, excellent communication, and prompt shipment. A+++" "Quick shipping! Item exactly as described! " "GOOD COMMUNICATION. ITEM WAS EXACTLY AS STATED." "AS DESCRIBED,VERY GOOD PACKING,SUPER FAST SHIPPING,THANKS!!!" "As advertised nice product"

Shall I go on?
> Lastly, check out the $35
> "professional" packing fee that he tacks onto the price whether or not you
> pick up the bike in person.

He states that the bikes are already boxed up. Plus, the fee is clear. So, when you, and everyone else bids, you know that the final cost will be at least $35 more. If the bike is worth $200 to you, then don't bid over $165. The net result is the same.

It seems that if you are concerned about cheesy eBay sellers, there are much worse offenders. This guy has a 99.1% positive feedback rating for crying out loud!

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