[CR]RE: Cirque - the good and a WARNING (the dangers of attending)

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From: "Ben Sanford" <B.Sanford@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 17:30:55 -0400
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Subject: [CR]RE: Cirque - the good and a WARNING (the dangers of attending)

Brian wrote:
>I saw several of the coolest bikes I've ever seen in my entire life at
>this years event. Most were track bikes. ... Scotts' '48 Masi track >bike floored me. I believe I finally saw a bike that was made from >start to finish by Faliero Himself...
>There was some very nice current works from a large number of American
>framebuilders this year. I'm encouraged, impressed, and inspired.

This was my first Cirque. If Brian was "impressed," I'm not sure how to say that I was stunned by both the event and the bikes I saw. The event was fantastic. Everyone was so approachable and willing to answer questions. To be able to ask questions to the real experts was a great opportunity. The events were well run; the seminar presentations were both interesting and fun. It's easy to get speakers, but not so easy to get speakers that are both knowledgeable and are also good, entertaining presenters. Dale excelled on both counts - both at the seminars and later at the dinner.

The auction was insane - and I'm sure well on it's way to being a new tradition. Lots of fun!

---- The Dark side:

However - I think it's important to also important to point out the DANGERS related to attending the Cirque.

1. The Disease related to collecting. If you've just been hanging out on this list, you've only been Exposed to the disease, and there may still be a chance of escaping. However, attending [even just once], and you will become infected - and there is no cure.

2. Loss of Spousal unit Credibility. When I bought of the subject to driving down for the weekend, she didn’t realize that it involved Friday as well. So I started out in the hole with spousal points expended. Then when I got back to the Red Roof at ~12:45 am on Sunday night – there was a message light on the phone. Of course I knew who... She had called after midnight, and assumed the late hour implied pitchers of beer at the local Hooter’s or some similar establishment. You mean you were just looking at old bikes – that late? Why would an bike auction be scheduled to start at 10:00 pm? Sure, ask my brother, he was there – but he doesn’t have any credibility related to anything involving bikes or alcohol.

3. Result of Disease symptoms. I didn't "need" another bike frame. However it was too difficult to resist I ended up buying another frame that I don't need. Now I will need to gather bits and pieces, etc.

4. Possible financial burden. Treat a trip there list a trip to Las Vegas (or ‘lost Wagas’ as my friend called it). Limit the expendable cash! Don’t take your checkbook or visit the ATM, because that makes it too easy to buy more stuff. (related to the disease)

5. Lack of sleep. There wasn't enough time to appreciate the bikes - just too many. Too many things to do, not enough time.

6. Depression. The bikes were probably the depressing part of the event - to realize that most of my bikes just aren't in the league of what was there! And to think that these represented only a small sample of the collective hoard.

7. Cirque display placement. Don't allow your bike to be put alongside a new Richard Sachs. Instead look to put it next to one of Harvey Sachs's bikes :) [sorry Harvey - couldn't resist]

Ben Sanford
Falls Church, VA