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Subject: Re: Re:[CR]Titanium Hub Axles ? & the quest for ultra lightness
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 09:55:31 -0700

It reminds me of my 15 lbs. Gallie Titanium Alan bike. I loved looking at the forks come back to me when I hit the brakes. Steven Willis 1778 East Second Street Scotch Plains NJ 07076 908-322-9022

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Don & List-

The early ti (pure ti, usually) fasteners had a reputation for breaking upon installation, use steel for crank bolts for the stress of installation then switch to the light stuff. I'm always wary of marginal fasteners at the bike control critical positions. Handlebar & seat post binders as an example. Ti axles will for the same cross-section as steel flex more. Consider use first.

For example, we had a customer at the shop in the mid 70¹s who had the means and wanted the lightest bike possible, he had a standing order for the lightest and trickest component upgrades available. He started by purchasing a Teledyne Titan, 21² w/ full Campagnolo, Super Champion medaille d¹ ors and 220 g. Clement Criterium. Setas. then came the revisions, some a second pass at an earlier mod.:

Art Stump modifications to crank set, seat post, stem & all levers Rebuild wheels, flute the hubs, Alas ti spokes, alloy nipples, 195g Criterium seta extra tires, Suntour Alloy freewheel, 14-18. Weyless seat post. Coolgear plastic saddle w/ alloy frame Full O.M.A.S. ti & alloy bolt kit Arnold industries alloy derailleur pivots & stem bolts 3ttt stem & superlite bars cut short, short tape bars Teledyne ti BB spindle & bolts Alloy BB cups (possibly Ritchey) Super Record front derailleur, any fasteners that could be found in ti at aerospace surplus were sourced. GB alloy spiral cable housing. Alas ti chain TA alloy water bottle cage Drilled out water bottle (for display effect) Pino quick release skewers Super Record headset & pedals Everest Alloy freewheel

Last I was aware, it was just over 13lbs. & still rideable. Could have been lighter, but he liked Campagnolo for most items.

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