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From: "John Everett" <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 14:03:06 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot Gold Special
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cc: John Steed <>

On 10 May 2004 at 14:44, John Steed wrote:
> I am the proud owner of a Peugeot Gold Special, but I know nothing about
> it in terms of the history of the model, when it came out or what its
> original components were. I've had no luck with google and was wondering
> if anybody knew a thing or two about the bike. I'd appreciate any
> information.

When I acquired my Peugeot Super De Luxe I had no idea it was a PX10E. I assume that since you're here you've already had a look at: The tip-off on the quality and collectability of the bike is the Reynolds 531 stickers. Does the bike have any of these (gold on black) and if so, what do they say? If no Reynolds stickers, how about some Vitus stickers?

Those of us who are PX10 aficionados will tell you that practically no information may be gleaned from the serial number. (John V. Everett)