Re: [CR]Yesterday's equipment in modern races

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Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 19:57:14 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Yesterday's equipment in modern races
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"P.C. Kohler" wrote:
> Very interesting thread.
> Even more enjoyable just back from one of my fastest 18-mile runs yet
> including some ferocious roadracing. The Lion of France was done proud.
> Consider an "edge" our classics have that has nothing to do with technology.
> If you're like me, you are made keen on your classic lightweight. Proud of
> her in a way I might suggest some professional riding a modern bike just
> isn't. It's the best, newest, lightest, most expensive.... so what? You take
> it for granted. I betcha Lance doesn't spend 30 minutes with Simichrome on
> HIS Trek.
> Me, I know one thing it's the bike, specifically the classic machine, that
> gives me a extra competitive edge. I'll be damned if some Trek that looks
> like a toothpaste tube ridden by some spandex-clad 20 year old is going to
> pass MY PX-10 or my Comp GS or my RRA. Never. I may risk a stroke in the
> process but I frankly don't have much opportunity to dwell on the sheer
> ugliness of a Trek or Litespeed... they are usually behind me. And one
> never, ever looks back...
> Peter Kohler
> Washington DC USA

Gosh... does the poor spandex-clad 20 year old know he is in a race????????

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California