RE: [CR]taking hands off the bars, hbar questions

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From: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [CR]taking hands off the bars, hbar questions
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:50:18 +0000

>From: AdventureCORPS News <>
>Subject: [CR]taking hands off the bars, hbar questions
>Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 08:23:36 -0700
>Hi all!


>Totally different topic: Is it just my imagination or are 44 wide
>Cinelli bars without grooves (and thus 26.4) absolutely impossible
>to find? I need a few pair, but never see them anywhere.


There isn't a reliable source for wide, classic bars. Baron C sells some nice Phillippe 45 cm jobs, with a 25.4 center section that are reasonably priced and look pretty. Have a Cinelli style bend. Otherwise the Nitto Dream bar from Rivendell comes nice and wide with fancy engraved crests for a 26.0 center section. Harris and other sources has 25.4 Nitto's in 45 cm widths, but the centers have Nitto in block letters, no crests. Harris also has 45cm GB bars for $50 with extra wide engraving, but its a rando bend. For Cinelli's you either have to live with 42cms or get ready for a bidding war for the rare 44cm bar that pops up. I hate to think what an old logo, NOS ungrooved 44cm Del Mundo or Giro bar would go for. If anyone has a closet full of 44cm Del Mundo's, please contact me, then Chris! I suppose some day I'll have to start shimming 26.0 bars to reuse some of my Cinelli stems.

Of course the probable reason for the shortage is that bars back in the day were generally narrower. 40cm was standard, and 38 not rare at all. After all, wider bars are non aero, an example of how modern equipment is much worse and slows you down as compared to old stuff. (Tounge firmly in cheek) ;-).

>Chris Kostman

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ