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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 18:30:43 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Bike photography at Cirque

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> For
> photographing bikes I think it is better to either have a diffuse light
> source (under
> a tree or on a somewhat cloudy day

Hi, Bob and photography lovers!

Yes, just about any object looks better illustrated and photogaphed in the DIFFUSED LIGHT SOURCE as cloudy day. There will be no shadows to confuse main liens of subject, and there will be no harsh reflection on shinney surface.

If I may add, when you photograph smooth and shinney surface, you also have to think about what "reflection" you are getting. For instance, good chrome could be as bright as light source, or a black hole. And many times, we (photo- grapher check into such reflection to see how the photo was taken, yes you can see lighting and even photographer's camera/ face tripod etc... threre!

Changing technical subject to legal aspect, I wondered how the image copy right is established for clasic bike images.

The bike in the show owned by someone, and yes it is in public display, therefore; anyone can mphotograph it. But if non nowener photogpah a bike in professinal manner and publish it for his/her gain without the owner's concent, this could be a bit problem, isn't it?

But if the photo was seen as a part of all over display in public area, and there was no special focus to the certain bike, this is a part of public image domain and no one can claim image right. This is my understanfing. I can take people in side walk as part of city scape, but I can not close into a certain person to show/describre in publication w/o concent. This image right is excluded if he/she is a public figure, and known to rest of polulation.

During the Cirque, my partner photogpaher Paul Brown told me that someone came to out photo studio setup and wanted have all bike images that we photographed. In this case, the images are created by us photograper with owner's expensed, therefore; the images copyrights are own by photographer and the owenr of bike. BUT, EVEN I CAN NOT USE NOR PUBLISH WITHOUT "MODEL RELEASE" from the owener of the bike.

Anyway, I hope everone has got some nice pics to show off their proud collection, and having them in keepsake! I know some carrys in wallet along with family pics!

KEN TODA, in High Point, NC. editing Cirque DVD images, 53 GB in my HD to process!