Re: [CR]Am I really being stupid?

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Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 11:14:19 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
To: classicrev <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Am I really being stupid?
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Tom Forhan wrote:
> I bought a NIB blue anodized Modolo Pro brakeset from
> Hilary Stone, with a production date in early 1984.
> They arrived yesterday.
> They are very beautiful, and when I say NIB,
> everything is perfect: decal, warranty card,
> instructions, packing materials: its unbelieveable.
> Before seeing them, I figured I'd mount these on my
> 1982 Holdsworth Special, replacing a clearly off-topic
> Shimano brakeset. Now I am having second thoughts,
> though they would really set off the bike well.
> My wife thinks they are so gorgeous I'd be stupid to
> use them...and if mounted they would be used, as the
> Holdsworth is a favorite weekend machine and
> occasional fairweather commuter.
> Opinions, please. (And thank you, Hilary!)
> Tom Forhan
> Takoma Park MD

Here's my flippant answer Tom ;) If you got them to use then use them. If you got them for display then don't use them.

Everything I get I use because I figure if I don't use it then the next custodian of the stuff I acquired will (that is my hope).

I'm not thrilled with the patina I'm acquiring with the passage of years, but I love bikes with a patina acquired through regular use with proper maintenance. Which means of course that someone got some enjoyment out of their bike which is what this is all about (that is my hope).

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