re: [CR]Am I really being stupid?

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Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 15:33:26 -0400
From: "HM & SS Sachs" <>
Subject: re: [CR]Am I really being stupid?

Tom Forhan asks for opinions about using or storing some NIB Modolo brakes. This one really hit hard: stress is holding diametrically opposed views simultaneously.

1) Listen to your wife. Storing/displaying for now is the "revocable" decision. Having her support is priceless when it comes to spending $$. But... 2) Save them as NIB for what? I'm not sure that our Beloved Son, whom we hope will survive us, will care about the potential difference in value between a bike with them on it, something I loved, and just the box of new brakes. I could be completely nuts, but I'm not sure there will ever be a bidding war for NOS Modolo brakes. So, Leave them in the box for a year or so, and see what pleasure that brings. If looking at them and showing them to others isn't as satisfying as you and Beloved Spouse thought, then use them. Enjoy them.

I'll admit that the practical ramifications of this are colored by my own passion for riding my bikes instead of looking at them. Just by accident, I bought what turned out to be a 1938 Paramount from a buddy who got it at a filling station, 30 years ago. It is painted in rattlecan. MAYBE this year it will get proper paint. It's just been more fun to ride it "in mufti" than look at it with perfect paint, hanging on the wall, too valuable to ride.

Your mileage may vary harvey sachs mcLean va

I bought a NIB blue anodized Modolo Pro brakeset from Hilary Stone, with a production date in early 1984. They arrived yesterday.

They are very beautiful, and when I say NIB, everything is perfect: decal, warranty card, instructions, packing materials: its unbelieveable.

Before seeing them, I figured I'd mount these on my 1982 Holdsworth Special, replacing a clearly off-topic Shimano brakeset. Now I am having second thoughts, though they would really set off the bike well.

My wife thinks they are so gorgeous I'd be stupid to use them...and if mounted they would be used, as the Holdsworth is a favorite weekend machine and occasional fairweather commuter.

Opinions, please. (And thank you, Hilary!)

Tom Forhan
Takoma Park MD