Re: [CR]Colnago Super Price...$2200? Outrageous!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago Super Price...$2200? Outrageous!
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 18:50:32 -0500

Don't despair, my experience is that there are many more cool bike for sale really cheap than you will ever have room to house, especially if you don't have to have one of half a dozen high-profile Italian marques. If you don't believe that, you should just look in my garage.


Jerry "Still have to sort out that chrome Paramount I got at Cirque in
2001." Moos
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> This is my first post to this wounderful group. I am the one who generated
> the price increase at the end of bidding and I still did not win. I was
> interested in the bike because of its original intact condition, size,
> drilled chain rings (cool) and its early date. Lost that bike and my backup
> bidding on a 1966 SCHWINN PARAMOUNT on the same day was also outbid. Ended
> up with nothing, but the future will bring more great bikes to collect and
> ride.
> robozoner
> Rob O'Callaghan
> Del Mar, Ca
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> what is there to say?
> this is a bad'ass colnago - one of the few
> that rates bad'ass points at that. whoa are
> the ones that missed this auction owing to
> "budgetary" contraints. this 'un is from the
> first wave of imported frames - before the
> firm evolved into colnago, inc. - not that there's
> anything wrong with that.
> Richard M Sachs
> Chester, CT
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> Yes, I too am wondering what could have been going through the head
> of that purchaser of that early '70s Colnago Super with the beautiful
> components.
> Why, for that kind of money the fool could have a maybe three or
> four steps down from the top new Trek! I guess some folks have no
> taste.
> Tom Sanders
> Trolling in Lansing, Mi