Re: [CR]Record calipers are Record calipers? Not.

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From: "Pete Geurds" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Record calipers are Record calipers? Not.
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 08:26:47 -0400

From: "Donald Gillies" <>
> Well, I'm afraid I don't have more gasoline for exactly the fire that
> is campagnolo super record calipers. However, I have been working on
> restoring 3 raleighs, same year (1974), same model (international),
> same size (23.5). I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to put together 3
> identical grouppos for these three bikes.

Well at least you don't have to worry about different variations of Weinmann centerpulls. Or do you? They're all the same aren't they? But maybe the levers are different? Or just the hoods? BTW: Three identical Internationals? I'd make accusations of hoarding but they're not my size. ; )

Pete "sowing the seeds of uncertainty" Geurds Douglassville, Pa