Re: [CR]Record calipers are Record calipers? Not.

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Subject: Re: [CR]Record calipers are Record calipers? Not.
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 12:12:24 -0400

The correct brakes for a '74 International would have been Weinmann centerpulls with the pin and groove and the red plastic cover to make the two arms synchronize smoothly. Caliper logos were red and marked Weinmann, not Raleigh as in later years. I think they were 610s both front and rear, but it might vary. Levers might vary, but were likely slotted with the push button QR. Certainly, with those hard plastic white Carleton hoods. Front CP hanger would have been a standard Weinmann. Casing would have been the same skinny ribbed white or black stuff Raleigh used on other bikes, I don't recall whether they used Weinmann inner wires, but I think that they did not. I recall a wire with a brass head that was not molded on coming with some Raleighs, but am not sure of the year. The casing has to be skinny to fit into the brazeons, though the old inlined Weinmann stuff will probably work. Pads were red with 4 large lugs and no aluminum shields to keep the pads from sliding out if installed backwards, or in case you put on the brakes hard when going 30 MPH in reverse.

What I don't recall is whether the calipers would have had 10mm or 11 mm bolt heads and whether or not they were peened in the back after assembly on the nut. All the above is from my highly suspect recollections from the few Internationals that I built and repaired "back in the day." I wish now that I had bought one then, as it was a good value and would, as it turns out, have been just about the perfect bike for the type of riding I did from '74-early '80s. I think, though, that the small frames suffered from the "gorilla-long" top tubes common in the '70s--just perfect if your hands hang alonside your knees while semi-erect.

In-between the versions of Weinmann CPs with the pin and the earlier ones was a version that had an add-on clip that made the two arms move in together. I saw one on eBay recently, it may still be there.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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> The early ones did not have that little red pin that keeps the arms
> centered.
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> > > Well, I'm afraid I don't have more gasoline for exactly the fire that
> > > is campagnolo super record calipers. However, I have been working on
> > > restoring 3 raleighs, same year (1974), same model (international),
> > > same size (23.5). I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to put together 3
> > > identical grouppos for these three bikes.
> >
> > Well at least you don't have to worry about different variations of
> Weinmann
> > centerpulls.
> > Or do you?
> > They're all the same aren't they?
> > But maybe the levers are different?
> > Or just the hoods?
> > BTW: Three identical Internationals? I'd make accusations of hoarding but
> > they're not my size. ; )
> >
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