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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 06:18:24 EDT
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A quick list of stuff that might interest list members?

Chater Lea Front hub, NOS, Very large flange, anodised gold, 32 hole. $55

Campag Rally Deraileur, the nice one with the cast top bit, Good condition, $80

Huret svelto rear Mech, boxed, NOS, $45

TA cranks, the "Pie" shaped axle type, 165mm, Complete with axle, cups, cotterpins, and closed pedal hole caps, good condition $150

Gnutti Hubs, NOS, boxed, 3 piece, immaculate, 36/36 hole. (just in case Dale missed them on ebay!) $50

Blumfield Dura Light rear hub, all alloy, doubleside fixed hub, large flange, stunning, $45

Chater Lea Pedals, NOS, $110

Martin Coopland, Scotland, http://www.BatesBicycles.com