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This year both Fedex and UPS instituted a bike box sized overcharge of $30 on top of shipping listed on the web. Kind of annoying.

Fedex actually scans the size of the boxes to measure them, then bills the unsuspecting merchant (nice). I like this feature the best.

Frames without forks installed can be put in some small boxes and avoid extra dimensional charges; sometimes.

Figure a bike in a large bike box, 50 ish lbs, $1200 insurance around $75 + these days coast to coast.

The Ship Express type outlets mark up the UPS/FedEx freight rates a lot to cover their handling (sometimes significant). It is much cheaper to drop off a carrier terminal for dispatch or have a regular pickup. I don't know about the FedEx/Kinko merger on this however as the guy comes to my door.

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Ben Sanford wrote:

> I don't know about UPS, but I just shipped a
> Large frame from DC to NY for just under $10
> with FedEx Ground - to a business address.
> I was a bit surprised since I expected it to
> be more, but didn't ask any questions.

Not surprising. If they don't measure the box, it can go just by weight,

rather than be charged by the size. The shipping companies all have

various "oversize" dimensions. When you go above those dimensions, they

are supposed to charge you by some arbitrary weight rate. So, in a

typical frame box, you may have a frame and packing which with the box

weighs 9 lbs, but due to the box's dimensions, is considered and billed

as if it's 30 lbs. But if they don't measure it, it just gets billed as

if it's 9 lbs. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.


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