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Hi, I have used the U.S. Postal service to ship bikes as they are cheaper than UPS. Problem is most counter personnel are shocked when you bring one in and most often will turn you away because they don't fully understand their own rate schedules, and don't want to take the time to learn! Here are the following USPS size guidelines for oversized packages:

1(length) + 2(width) + 2(height) cannot exceed 108 inches.

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<< PS: does anyone know if FEDEX ground and UPS prices to ship standard bike-sized boxes have suddenly doubled or something? Just wondering. I just heard something to that effect.. >>

Charles just may have gotten my e-mail complaining at the huge rate increase we experienced here at cycles de ORO since the Cirque. Bike going from here to the west coast costing are at $100.00 plus plus! I just penned a deal for our shop with DHL (who just bought Airborne Express) and they are quoting ground shipments at half the UPS Ground and FedEx Ground costs... Dale

Dale Brown
Greensboro, NC