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Subject: Re: [CR]Cartridge Bearings
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 20:36:41 -0400

No facts offered but I think Harv has it pretty much right. A few additional conjectures:

Those hydrophobic surfaces may also serve to keep water in if there is a gross point of entry.

Grease has a marked propensity to entrain particles and, to the extent that it is mobile within a bearing assembly, will allow those entrained particles to get to the bearings, cones, and bearing races.

Charlie "silt might do some of my bearing races and cones some good" Young Honey Brook, PA
> Now, if I reduce myself to the appropriate size so I can think like dirt and water droplets, I would think that Bob has a decent generalization, but... (1) A hydrophobic surface (grease, teflon) will tend to keep water beaded and OUT of the bearing. This is good. (2) Maybe I should be more worried about dry or oily particles in the silt-sized range, maybe 10 - 20 microns in size. These really would like close clearances to keep them out, and they are what can score (or polish).
> But, if memory serves, keeping the water out is considered a primary virtue, to keep the grease from breaking down.
> Please, Joe B-Z or someone, save me with some facts!


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