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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 14:13:58 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR] Motob�cane Le Champion...
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Guess what!? I just recently acquired one of those in that color! Maybe we can be twins. The one I have has been "punched" and the head tube wrinkled in the process, along with the typical bulge under the down tube. I think I managed to get it into working order, albiet with slightly altered geometry while not damageing the paint; which is the only thing I like about the bike. I love those colors! Once I have time to work on it and finish touching up the paint and clear coating it, I hope to ride her a bit. Won't have time for that for quite a while; but in the meantime I'm looking for parts. I bought a Campy 26.4mm seat post for it from Joe B-Z at Le Cirque for a very reasonable price and have found several other bits along the way. Someday she will be whole again. Let's get them together sometime. If yours is a boy then maybe we can make a batch of babies, as long as they all look like their parents. I don't want to be selling off mongrel Motorbecans in front of the supermarket!

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA I now have THREE!!! French bikes. What's the limit before one goes crazy or stops taking baths?

-- Duane Kennard wrote:

Hi ladies & gents,

I was out making my usual stops today looking for interesting bikes, and a '71ish teal/white Le Champ followed me home.... Does anyone out there have an early '70s Motobécane catalog that they'd either loan out for scanning, or can scan themselves? Sure would be nice to add Motobécane to Mark Bulgier's catalog/brochure scans pages...! Not too much vintage Motobécane info. on the web. Any listers have an early '70s Le Champion that's not in the teal/white color?


Duane Kennard
Los Angeles, USA