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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <morgan@hahaha.org>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:32:05 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Re: Masi Paint

"Jack Gabus" <jack@shermangabus.com> writes:
> Go to this website http://www.speedbicycles.ch/ it has several Masi's. Go to
> the 1980's and checkout the ladies prestige and the mens prestige tell me
> what you think.

Thanks Jack. From what I can gather, this is the CA Masi turquoise, or close to it:

http://www.birfield.com/nuke/modules/gallery/Ulwelling_Masi http://www.birfield.com/nuke/modules/gallery/ealbert%40bellatlantic-net_masi

The first is a respray by Brian Baylis, and the second (correct me if I'm wrong, Eddie Albert) is the original color.

I am certainly no expert, but I'd guess the Italian Masis represented on the speedbicycles.ch site might not have had color schemes that were tied to California Masi colors.

Ed recently painted Brad Stockwell's CA Masi and found traces of the original turquoise paint. He made a color match and I'm going to see it this weekend, when I pick up my Molteni Merckx. (Yay!) I'll snap some pics. He's seen the above pics and says that they are basically it, the turquoise color I seek. I like the color so that's how he's going to paint my Masi.

Thanks all! Brad, if you do get pics I'd love to see them. Maybe I'll get down to Palo Alto sometime soon.
> By the way how did you strip the nickel plate. Because I'm in the same
> boat. I bought a GC ser# 818/m56/+GF+ totally chromed what a shame!

I just spoked with Ed, but forgot to ask him how he removed it, or will remove it. I'll ask him when I see him, this weekend. (He's here on the list, too.)

BTW, if any of you have Masi pictures you'd like to share, I'd be happy to host them with my mess of bike pictures:


Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA