Re: [CR] Cleaning a white San Marco Rolls saddle

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Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 20:00:32 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Cleaning a white San Marco Rolls saddle

Hey Jay, I had to clean up a white Rolls saddle to be used on the Montelatici I rode at the Cirque this year. First I began by gingerly applying a Simple Green & water (50/50) solution with a toothbrush, trying not to get excess liquid on the seat, so it wouldn't soak in. After a few applications, I realized that a little was just not enough, and began to apply more to each little scrub area. By the time I was rounding the side, I had thrown all caution to the wind, and was liberally applying my Simple Green mix with the toothbrush, and even dunked parts of it in the solution. It was just too tedious to get it clean, while keeping it relatively dry ... actually, it was pretty much impossible. The excess amounts of S.G. began to work their true magic, and soon the saddle was clean white again. Next, I simply held the saddle under warmer rushing water into the basement sink, and rinsed away. Many attempts to sort of hand squeegee out the water, were followed with repeated rinsings, until I felt that I had gotten as much S.G. out as could be. I then gave it a last good "wringing out", the whole time keeping mindful of not roughing up or stretching out the cover material, followed by drying with a white towel, and firm blotting with that towel to draw out even more moisture. Left to dry for a day, everything turned out peachy, except for an unmistakable Simple Green odor left behind (as it were), and possibly a slight tacky surface feeling. The tackiness concerned me (i.e., accelerated soil collection from future use), but after a few uses, the tacky and the odor were gone, with no excess dirt collecting on the cover. I say no excess dirt collecting, because the saddle is white after all, and my shorts are still black, and my hands still invariably get some grease on them while playing. Obviously, we expect it to grow dirty with use, but after perhaps 300 miles on that bike, it still looks 90-95% clean. I don't have any idea about long term deterioration that the Simple Green may cause to the saddle cover, or padding, but I'm happy with the outcome thus far. That's all I got!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI

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I have a chance to buy a set of Weinmann Scheeren (sp?) 27" tubular rims for my never ending Cinelli resto, and after doing some archive research am still left with the question: are tires available for these rims?

For you leather experts, I picked up a San Marco Rolls White saddle for my Olmo project, but it is dirty. Is there a way to clean this saddle without damaging the white coloring?

Thanks very much.

Jay Sexton
Sebastopol, CA