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Subject: RE: [CR]Ebay counter for # of watchers
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 14:50:23 +0000
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I think some of you are mis-reading the origianl post. Ebay has always had counters that the seller could add to his auction to see how many people have just looked at it (the auction).

When selling on eBay now though, there is a new feature for the seller that shows how many people have bookmarked the auction and added the auction to their "watch list". This feature shows up on the sellers "My eBay" page under the individual auctions. I recently sold an old Schwinn bike and had 29 people watching the auction. There were something like 500 people that had simply looked at the auction. I think this new feature just came out very recently.

cheers, Rod Kronenberg Fort Collins, CO

> I use counters whenever I sell on ebay....It's one tic per user...
> if somebody looks at the auction 5 times it's still counted as 1.
> It is than an indication of how many different user ID's look at
> an item.
> Matt Gorski
> Belmont Shore, CA
> Hi Steve,
> The counter is put on by the seller. It has been offered for at lest
> the
> last few years I have been selling. As far as I know it is just counting
> the
> times people have looked at the page. And, yes cool rear derailleur.
> Steven Willis
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> Subject: [CR]Ebay counter for # of watchers
> > Can anybody say when ebay instituted the counter to monitor the number
> of
> watchers when you sell items? As I don't sell frequently on ebay, I had
> never seen this feature before. Does anybody know whether the number
> listed
> is the number of people who have bookmarked the auction or perhaps
> something
> else. If it the number of bookmarks, there are likely going to be
> fireworks
> at the end of the auction for my late 70's Titanium Huret Success rear
> derailleur where more than one quarter of the people who have looked at
> the
> auction have bookmarked it. The same for the 1960's Campagnolo
> waterslide
> decal, where almost third of the viewers have bookmarked the auction. Of
> the
> rest of the auctions the ratio of bookmarks to views lies between 1 out
> of 6
> and 1 out of 10.
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