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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:49:37 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]More on Reynolds decals on Ebay,,,,,,,

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<< < just FYI. If anyone out there is looking for Reynolds frame and fork decals, There are some being offered on Ebay and the seller says she will have Columbus decals also. These are the "water slide" decals. The Ebay item number is 3685829071. >>

Genuine Reynolds decals are not water slide. This could mean: 1. They are not genuine or 2. The seller is confused as to what she/he has to sell.. In either case, caveat emptor. >>

More...I looked at this auction just out of curiosity and notice that these appear to be current issue reproduction decals. Note the three pieces of paper/cardboard associated with the decal. This is very typical of a certain maker of very fine but new repro decals. The seller says "NOS" so these are old stock? How old? 30 days? 6 months?

The seller says: "They are the original thin water transfer decals." They are THE original thin water transfer? As far as I know (pretty far!) Reynolds only made varnish transfer (earlier) and peel and stick (later) versions.

This is the kind of sneaky, truth evading, slimy sellers that irritate me. I hope he/she is not a CR member....

Dale Brown cycles de ORO, Inc. 1410 Mill Street Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- Dale, et al. Good news and bad news. First, you will be glad to know that this seller (carolocag) is NOT a CR list member,,,,,(sigh of releif!) But the bad news is that I agree with your caveate emptor with this seller. I made the mistake of buying some toestraps from her and she charged me $12 to ship them from only 2 States away. Of course when I got them, actual postage was less than $3.

In the case of this decal auction, you will note that you are paying $4 for an envelope and a $0.37 stamp. But don't "worry" if you buy an extra set, she will put them in the same envelope,,,,,and only increase the shipping cost by another $1. Irritating? Yes. Never again to do business with? Absolutely! cheers-

Dave Anderson
Cut Bank MT