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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:49:54 -0700
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Subject: [CR]WAS: UPDTAE - Was: New member intro - hello!

Hi List Members..

I lurk here a lot, I enjoy the reading (and the picture) but posted only twice. I told you that I have ordered a custom bike, and although it is not a real classic (i.e. old), it is "retro" and comes close to being a classic.

Please ignore the modern components and enjoy the pictures...

http://www.litman.com/bikes/new%20bike.jpg http://www.litman.com/bikes/seat%20clamp.jpg http://www.litman.com/bikes/new%20bike%20decals.jpg http://www.litman.com/bikes/new%20bike%20initials.jpg http://www.litman.com/bikes/new%20bike%20seatpost.jpg http://www.litman.com/bikes/rear%20dropout.jpg

If you want to see some raw frame pictures as it was built visit http://www.litman.com/bikes/eisentraut.htm Arie Litman Sunnyvale Ca.

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Mr. Albert Eisentraut , ahhhhh yes , I remember when we ALL just KNEW that he was making the absolute finest bicycle frames made in North America . . .

We didn't realize how many other folks there were , or were about to be , building beautiful bicycles out there . . .

These days I know much better than to try to say anyone is THE best . . .

But that is still a big heavy name to drop in a conversation . . .

Congratulations !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]UPDTAE, Was: New member intro - hello!

> Hi,
> Just a follow up on my last post here (April 29, see below)
> I got a picture of my bike "in progress" it is almost a bike
> http://www.litman.com/bikes/eisentraut%20RawFrameMed.jpg
> I will post some more pictures when the bike is painted and built up..
> Arie Litman
> Sunnyvale Ca.
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> Subject: [CR]New member intro - hello!
> Hi,
> I joined this list today after reading archive for a while, and I think I'm
> in the right place.
> I am riding bikes all my life (well, with a 30 years gap in the middle) but
> riding on lightweights I only started only 4 years ago.
> today I am riding a '01 Giant OCR-1 which is an aluminum (gasp!) bike. But
> before you tell me to go away, please read on.
> This past Easter I met (through a common friend) Albert Eisentraut and we
> had a chance to socialize and talk about everything including bikes.
> make a long story short, a week later I was at his shop being measured for a
> new Eisentraut bike. He measured me, and my current bike, and watched me
> ride it, and interviewed me about my riding habits, and then told be to go
> away and come back in two and a half months.
> Albert will make the frame, paint it (Solid Yellow), and build it for me
> with Campagnolo Centaur 10s (Gray)... I am so excited, I could wet my
> pants..
> Albert promised he'll take pictures of the frame as it is being built, and I
> will work with him to build up the bike once the paint is cured..
> As I get the pictures I will post those here... Man! I can't wait!..
> Arie