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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Steven Maasland's Marinoni response
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 16:24:29 -0500

I tend to agree with Rod about one thing. I think the difference between the "top" Italian marques and the "lesser" ones is more perception than reality. Colnago's prominence, for instance is, in my opinion, more due to Ernesto's marketing skills than the quality of his products. He has made some very good bikes no doubt, but so have a lot of guys unknown outside Italy. Of course this is all just opinion, be it Rod's opinion, Steve's opinion, or my opinion. Some argue passionately that Cinelli, or DeRosa or Colnago or Masi "ride like nothing else". Personally I don't see it. My own personal, totally subjective opinion is that nothing rides a well as a 70's French frame made of metric-gauge 531 tubing. But that's just me.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Rod,
> I hope you've relaxed a bit regarding Steven's reply. You
> might not have cared for his tone - and perhaps some of the
> information supplied was not really necessary - but he did make
> a number of points worth knowing. If nothing else, he gave a
> good explanation of how business was conducted during those
> years.
> I suppose the most important point was that Marinoni was in
> the same position as many frame builders in Italy. That is, he
> was a skilled builder who supplied a great many riders in a
> particular region (and a few elsewhere) but didn't achieve
> "legendary" status outside of his own region.
> Actually, based on posts I've read on this list, the same
> situation existed all over the globe.
> Best regards,
> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia
> --- wrote:
> > Maybe it's me, but responses like these make me want to puke.
> > Is it really necessary to point out a misspelled name? Do we
> > have a personal vendetta going on here? If so, please take it
> > off list. One person is obviously enamored with Marinoni
> > frames and the other seems to have a bad experience with
> > them. I'm quite sure we can find similar sitautions with most
> > any builder you can name.
> > It seems to me lots of the esteemed Italian builders have
> > went modern as has Marinoni. Give me a good USA or British
> > frame ANYDAY!
> >
> > Rod (gonna go take a valium, maybe some should join me)
> > Kronenberg
> > Fort Collins, CO