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It Depends, of course!

If you are looking to build up a wall hanger or something mostly for show, then original components would be my choice.

If, OTOH, you are going to ride the bike a lot, then go for the components that work best (or you like best) for that purpose!

Owner of mostly riders...

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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Subject: [CR]"restoration question"

> I know I will be openng up a can of worms with this one, so here goes! What is everyones opinion on restorations with reguard to components? Do you feel that a vintage bike should be restored with the components it came from the factory with(as a complete bike), or is it justifiable to restore a bike with period correct components which may be upgrades that a person would do if they had only bought the frame and built it. For example, restoring an early 70's bike that would have normally been built with a Campy Valentino derailleur,steel crank, etc and building it up with period correct Nuovo Record, etc.
> I am curious to here everyons opinions on the wildly debated topic.
> Charles Schlesinger
> San Diego, CA USA