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Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 22:34:45 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Woe is Me...Needed: Advice and/or Brakeset
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Drill a hole through the stem and countersink for a cable end.

In a sturdy stem and at your own risk. Sorry- as an engineer and lawyer I need to add such a disclaimer.

Hmm- is sturdy French stem (specials excepted) an oxymoron?

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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Subject: [CR]Woe is Me...Needed: Advice and/or Brakeset

> Well, much to my chagrin, my NOS Mafac Racer brakeset isn't going to work on my 1970 Gitane. The steering tube is cut too short, and the addition of the hanger for the front brake will not allow the lock ring to fit on. Oh well. Anyone know if there is a fix to this problem, aside from buying a new fork (which is out of the question)?
> If, as I suspect, there is no fix, does anyone have a Campagnolo brakeset (time accurate) that they would want to part with? Standard reach, I believe....
> I really would prefer the Mafac "speed regulators" because they look cool....
> Stephan Andranian
> Costa Mesa, CA