Re: [CR]RE: ebay Pogliaghi conjecture ..... & about the 41 tooth NRc/ring

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Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 11:06:40 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: ebay Pogliaghi conjecture ..... & about the 41 tooth NRc/ring
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Ben Kamen wrote:
> Hey guys,
> In concurrence with Dale's balance of opinion, gentlemanly logic &
> emotive reason, I agree wholeheartedly. I also understand that
> sometimes we, on the list may not be on the same page about who said,
> what was implied and how it may have been construed but one of you
> listers mentioned recently with brilliant effect (something along the
> lines ) ......
> ***** that if a bike or frame speaks to you that is all that matters.
> ******
> That in very simple terms and easily understood meaning, to me, says it
> all. Period. Market value, expert valuations, perceived historic
> importance or glowing nods from cognoscenti means nothing if it doesn't
> grab you by the Cojones or move to wax lyrical where others think you
> batty and out of touch with the flock. We all are groomed by the masses
> & we all want to experience holy grails and nirvana whether it be our
> passion for bicycles or any other facet of mortality - we need to
> confirm one's existence ... sometimes, which makes mockery of our
> endevour, it's already with us or in places where other's may not
> expect them. From personal experience all but one frameset from the
> high ranking and commonly regarded premier tier of marques lived up to
> my notions of brilliance, subtlety, fluidity and balance of intended
> function, mellifluous workmanship & visual appeal. I wont say which,
> as my perception is just that ... my perception. Many of these so
> called upper echelon frames built by the maker on the decals where not
> all that .... to me .... some belied every thing i had heard from
> others with regard to their superiority. A few had me totally
> perplexed & thinking i missed the inside or hidden joke. On the other
> side of the coin i cannot list how many brilliant framesets and parts
> ive had that "really spoke to me" & I could not fault notwithstanding
> their lack of cache, universal approval or glowing folklore, yet which
> I passed on or traded on for something "superior". I have ridden
> sweetly on framesets that wouldn't attract attention except for my own
> convictions and rhetoric .... I then took months to sell them for
> pittance. The biggest myth's lie within ourselves. In itself, that is
> beauty & wisdom & ultimately knowledge .... it makes the melange of our
> appreciation for cycling, with a never ending quest to experience more,
> validate our decisions and yearn to understand and seek deeper emotive
> connection with what is still the ultimate machine in terms of purity,
> efficiency, elegance and longevity. The roads we have ridden & the joy
> we enacted is the primary goal or our pursuit ..... a nice bike is nice
> but a nice ride is nicer.(cut)


"The greatest experience we can have is the mysterious. To me it is enough to wonder at the secrets." --Albert Einstein

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California