[CR]Bilaminate GB Handlebar

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From: "Amir Avitzur" <avitzur@013.net.il>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 23:14:04 +0200
Subject: [CR]Bilaminate GB Handlebar

If anybody's interested, the Raleigh Gran Sport (from the trash) has an interesting handlebar. It is made from straight tubing with no bulge in the middle. Instead, it has a loose fitting red-anodized aluminum shim where the bulge aught to be.

The shim is original, it has the following engraving:

TYPE GB Maes England

Those Brits would do anything to shave a dime, eh.

AA in R"G where we have the highest regard for foreign bike parts