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Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 00:17:46 +0000

Charlie wrote:
> Steven had
> his "Bianchi Gran Largo" fillet brazed trike along. I'll leave it to him to
> tell that story.

I rode the 40 miles to watch the US Pro race in Philadelphia today on my 100% British framed George Longstaff trike today. I believe that the late George Longstaff can definitely be considered a keeper of the flame, notwithstanding the fact that he made fillet brazed frames (not much other choice when you build a trike with angles that are different from your average bike)

As far as the 'Bianchi Gran Largo' goes, I admit to the trike being labeled as a Bianchi and I indeed did jokingly explain to more than one onlooker that the GL (George Longstaff) engraving on the fork crown was in reference to a model called Gran Largo. Easier to explain and resulting in funnier reactions than telling people that I bought the frame in a rattle spray can paintjob and it was easier to fit adhesive Bianchi decals than water slide George Longstaff ones. Without any decals the bike looks too much like a stolen bike. The bike has mostly CR-period correct componentry: Cinelli M-71 pedals, Ofmega Mistral cranks and BB, Modolo Orion brake levers, SuperChampion Gentleman rims on the back and Mavic SSC front derailleur and front hub with Mavic G40 rim (with over 20 year old Pariba tire), SR Royal seatpost and Ideale saddle. The only non-CR period parts are the brake calipers, the rear derailleur, the gear levers and the stem/bars combination.
> I dawdled overlong with the likes of Steven Maasland,
> Curtis Anthony, Sam Fitzsimmons, and Simon Firth on Lemon Hill.

Beyond Simon, there were also all the other Bilenky boys, including Steve Bilenky. At one point there were 6 Bilenky bikes all leaning up against one tree. Quite a sight to see. There were also a few of Curtis' fellows and friends, plus many hangers-on and spouses or partners. Curtis and Sam were also very generous with the items coming off of the grill on their picnic bike: corn on the cob, hamburgers, sausages... Plus libations... Yes, the grill was attached to the bike that Curtis rode over! Lemon Hill was a great place to watch as the race passed through 13 times, but I think it was even better because of the company.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ