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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 06:00:34 -0700 (PDT)
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Yes, Rob was definitely the builder. He really did name the bicycles after the painter, Yves Tanguy, whose work he admired. For whatever it's worth, he started seriously working on bicycles in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so it's also conceivable that a couple of you folks met him there. (This would have been during the early '70s.)

Anyway, he's no longer in the frame building business and no longer located in Massachussetts.
      Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia

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> Tanguy is in the Used Bike Buyers Guide with this former

\r?\n> address: Can one

\r?\n> of you confirm that Rob Horowitz was the builder? Lou



\r?\n> TANGUY: 331 Somerville Avenue, Somerville MA 02134.



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\r?\n> the frames were made in somerville, mass.

\r?\n> tanguy was my first ever painter.

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\r?\n> Peter, in the '70s my cousin Rob build frames that he

\r?\n> called

\r?\n> Tanguy and sold a lot of them in his native D.C. -


\r?\n> I owned a Tanguy in the early '80's that was built for a

\r?\n> local guy

\r?\n> named Billy Nukols- had 531 DB main tubes and SP stays- cool

\r?\n> bike! The

\r?\n> head tube logo was a phoenix in flames. Weren't they out of

\r?\n> the greater

\r?\n> Boston area? I seem to remember them listed in the Boston

\r?\n> yellow pages in

\r?\n> the '70's when I worked in Portsmouth, N.H.


\r?\n> Best regards,

\r?\n> Wes Gadd

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