Re: [CR] wanted: marque memories . . .of early Razesa (RomagnaVueltaA Espana)

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Subject: Re: [CR] wanted: marque memories . . .of early Razesa (RomagnaVueltaA Espana)
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 23:06:24 -0400

Hello all...I have been snoozing lately and missing some of the finer points of the CR list. I shall awaken and speak....

I had a Aelle model Razesa as well as my present one which is Columbus SL tre-tubi, They both were built very nicely and the ride is a pleasure. Total comfort. I know there are some places to get Razesa decals for bikes still out there on the web also, Branford bikes I believe has them. Razesa continued to make bikes into the 90s as well and I remember seeing some at the Tour De Pont. They were mega-tubed Cro-moly versions, very sweet looking bikes ridden by the Amaya Team. Not sure what happened after that though...many of the 80s Razesa framesets bore the Zeus crowned forks and were indeed set up with Zeus components. Razesa has a loyal following among some cyclists out there. I recently met a gentleman in California that has 3...he won't part with any of them and loves them.

I will also add that most Razesas' need reprayed...haha. The paint actual got a "cracking" type look which looked pretty cool on the decals but some frown upon. Earliest in the US...My bike is a 1980 and I have heard it was one of the first years introduced in the states. I believe they were marketed as a full set up but I know the California guy I talked to had gotten 2 of the framesets from a Cali shop. Everyone else pretty much covered all the details. There are plenty of hits on google out there.

Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa

And if you really love Razesa...get a Razesa Bike Patch.

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> Not all of the Razesa bikes were high end. I have an Aelle-tubed, Victory
> equipped model. It is well built and provides a very nice ride. Taught me
> not to disparage the Aelle tubeset (straight gauge).
> Charlie Young
> Honeybrook, PA
> > Yes, Walt is the expert. Razesa was a high end Spanish framebuilder with
> a
> > close connection to Zeus, rather like the relationship of Waterford and
> > Schwinn, I think. The Zeus distributers in the US in the 80's sold
> all-Zeus
> > equipped top models marked as Razesas.
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