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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 06:09:11 -0400
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> Joe & the List-
> In So. Cal. 30 yrs ago, the jamming tool of choice was a kitchen sponge
> wrapped tightly into a cylinder with gaffers tape. A wrench was avoided in
> case of a fall. Cinelli track shorts were the shorts of choice for their
> pleated hind qtrs. and integrated tool pocket. At the Encino Velodrome at
> the time hand slings were frowned upon in competition, they could really
> propel the inbound rider, possibly into the rear wheel of another was the
> fear by the officials.
> The retiring rider generally placed his left hand on the bars adjacent to
> the stem (large movements would be the least noticed there), reach back with
> his right to locate and throw his teammate into the fray by grabbing the
> rider by the jamming tool. It took practice to produce a good straight
> throw. When clear, retire above the "red" line. A typical Saturday night
> series would end with a Madison. Very strategic to ride and fun to watch if
> one knew the abilities of the participants, guessing when the exchanges
> would take place was always entertaining.
> Remembering the Mantra, Sprint To Victory
> John Jorgensen
> Palos Verdes Ca.