[CR]Fw: Reg Harris'Raleigh Track bike

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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:04:50 +0100
Subject: [CR]Fw: Reg Harris'Raleigh Track bike

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From: "Norris Lockley"
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Subject: Reg Harris'Raleigh Track bike

bob Reid pointed out that Reg's track bike had extended or lined chainstays to ensue that the rear end of the bike was stiffer, clearly to handle Reg's enormous strength. Other british builder's had already used this technique, one being Maclean's of Islington, London. They use to braze 3" long sleeves into the chainstay sockets of the bracket and then braze rapid taper round-round-round chainstays into the sockets. Sounds a reasonable idea but I wonder if, in strictly engineering terms it was effective. Certainly it would give a much larger brazed surface.

Bob also mentioned that Reg trained on a Raaleigh Lenton Sports bike. Just as it happens by coincidence, there is such a 21" frame for sale on British Ebay. It's on sporting goods/cycling/road bikes and frames, Item No 2249661806. It's in need of some renovation but the price only stands at £35 with 6 days to run.. I have a Rudge version of this frame, that is identical in most ways except for the fork crown and the spray job. They make very comfortable machines.

Norris Lockley.. no connection to the seller (who's a southerner in any case)...