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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 10:43:51 -0500

So it is "A" tubing after all. I suspect this may be a seamed tubeset, as I can see what appears to be a seam in my headtube. The bike rides very nicely


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]Zeus Questions Addendum

> Additional info from the seller:
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> Tubing is Reynolds "A" quality butted frame tubes, forks and stays. Has
> Nervex lugs and Zeus dropouts. Derailleurs, hubs, cranks, shifters, pedals,
> cable holders and seat post are Zeus Criterium. Brakes are Super Alfa center
> pull. Stem is a Cinnelli and Ambrosio handlebars. Saddle is a Brooks
> Proffessional Narrow.
> It would be about a 1971 model or thereabouts.
> I "had" a friend who wanted it. I shipped it to him 2 yrs ago. He then found he
> didn't have any money. I said no probs, just ship it back. It took 6 months to
> get it back. He didn't take nearly as much care in packing, so it got a couple
> of scratches on it, broke a rear drop out screw adjustment (which can be got,
> if I spent a little time looking), but did bend the rear deraileur inward a bit
> ( they are very thin to begin with, just like the old Campy), I had it
> straightened and a braze put on the inside to protect it and it works great but
> isn't a "like new" derailleur now unfortunately.
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> Thanks,


> Bob Hufford

> Springfield, MO