Re: [CR]stainless steel GIOS on ebay

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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 15:20:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Harris" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]stainless steel GIOS on ebay
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In about 1974/5 the Gios rep. stopped by "The Blue Wheel" bike shop in Charlottesville Va.with an un-painted but polished bare frame,to push the product.I did not see it at that time.The then proprieter of said shop Bill Grey told me of it.And also stated that if I had seen it I would have bought it.It was told to me that it was just polished Columbus, which is Cro-mo basicly.I remember having blue on my mind,but they would have to wait months to get a painted one.I could get a polished one in a few days.Anyway,I didn't see or buy it.I was told I was looking at one in a shop in Savannah 1986.It was quite nice looking,and was very impressed.I bet these specials were well finished.I bet the painted ones would require more than stripping and polishing to look as nice. Harris Spracher Waynesboro Va. wrote: Norris wrote, in part:

Well "contraflecture" who won the auction for the GIOS S/S frame might = just have something a little different soon between his thighs. As Steve Willis pointed out Columbus did produce a tubing, not too long = ago.. not actually stainless steel.. not actually a CRO-Mo.. but quite "


Maybe I missed something here, but it seems to me, from reading the auction, that this gios is not stainless at all, but simply the usual Columbus SL or SLX... and the seller doesn't understand that...he assumes special tubing must be stainless... that's a mistake a lot of uninformed people would make.

Now, maybe someone confirmed what this was and I missed it.. otherwise, I suspect frame was just garden-variety columbus cromo.

Charles Andrews