[CR]Bon Voyage last minute sale - lotsa nice swag !!!!!!!!!!!

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Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:33:55 -0400
From: "ben" <dupe@mac.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Bon Voyage last minute sale - lotsa nice swag !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cool Cats,

So, United Airlines wont let me take all my bike basement & parts ....... so i gotta sell the following:

Vittoria Shoes $75 - clip/strap AND look et al - cool, classic

Baggins Adam & Hobo -I won't seperate them - $200

Sugino drillium 42/52 chainrings - 144bcd $30

Nitto technomic deluxe - 10cm - 26.0mm $30

Sugino 52T 110bcd - $10

Sugino 36T 110bcd - $25

REG Italy - handlebar mount cage - $40

Rivat toe cleats - $10

Suntour (FUJI) VX derailleur & shifter set - $35

Michelin Hi-Lite service course clincher tires (1 x pair) - $35

and some other post cut-off period stuff .... all pictures, condition of items, particulars & details are on the below page


now the tough part .... i gotta sell all this promptly. sorry 48 states only as i will be shipping it all with usps priority mail, that way its with you before I fly off and I dont have to wonder if everything was received and if all buyers are happy. Paypal only - i'll forward my mates paypal account. Minimum purchase of $25 - i don't wanna get on with that 3% malarky but im gonna feel embarrased asking my mate to check on a $10 payment for 1 item and such. preference goes to whoever buys most or multiples.

Whatever happens my email will be constant. I will ship the stuff tomorrow so act quick - preference goes to my buddies here that ive dealt with before. any new yorkers are most welcome - im downtown manhattan and brooklyn in my wheelings and dealings.

all proceeds go to me having Mai Tai's on Bondi beach whilst thinking fondly of those who contributed.


Ben Kamen NYC (6 days and counting)

p.s. anyone know how to get around the $80 bike fee in addition to excess baggage charges ????? any secret handshake, or subtle winks or passwords???