Re: [CR]Toei touring frame on Ebay.

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Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 00:58:02 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Toei touring frame on Ebay.

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>The other consideration is how hard it would be to get one of these frames
>new. A new Longstaff Audax frame can be purchased for £630 including VAT.
>New Berthoud light touring frames are available for 990 Euros. Toei frames
>ARE available, but certainly not as simple to get as a Longstaff or
>Todd Kuzma

Sadly, George Longstaff died a few months ago. And he refused to sell to Americans because of liability issues. Not withstanding that I've seen a couple of Longstaffs, a trike and tandem trike and they were beautiful pieces of machinery. George was a real engineer. I've seen several Toeis as well and they are very well made and finished but not fancy at all, simple and elegant. I've seen one Berthoud and it was very, very nice indeed, filet brazed with a little Hellenic stay arrangement and racks finished in a beautiful metallic lime green that looked much better than the description. And of course Berthoud makes his own bags, I don't know if Toei does. Of all of them my heart was moved most by the Berthoud but my head by the Longstaffs. They were just so well engineered. George will be missed and if there's any consolation it's that he died doing what he loved, riding his tandem trike. Phil Brown Saddened by the passing of Ray Charles, classic but certainly no lightweight, in San Rafael, Calif.