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The most common low stack, high quality HS was the Campy Record Pista. If you screwed up and cut the fork a couple of threads too short for your road HS, using a Campy Pista was the standard solution. Another low stack high quality (though less expensive) HS is the Tange Levin, which if Sutherland's is correct has about the same stack height as the Campy Record Pista. Not sure it goes back to the mid 70's, but it sure has been around a while.


Jerry Moos

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> Hi Gang,
> Does anyone know what high quality headsets that were around in the mid
> '70s had the very lowest stack height?
> Also, when was the Stronglight B-10 (like A-9, but plastic cups) first
> offered?
> Thanks!
> Duane Kennard
> Los Angeles, USA