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Well, the CR website says that Harry Quinn was the son of the founder of Coronet Cycles and built himself until about 1980. This agrees with my recollection. At the 1974 World Championships in Montreal, I stayed at a youth hostel, where another young man there to watch the Championships had a new very short wheelbase Harry Quinn road bike. He certainly talked as if this frame was actually built by Harry Quinn himself. Actually, the kid was out riding the day before the event down the same steep descent of Mont Real the pros would take. His enthusiasm evidently exceeded his descending skills, as he crashed rather badly and returned to the hostel all cut and bandaged. Fortunately, I don't think he damaged the Quinn too badly aside from the bars and brake levers.

That was an interesting event to attend. I also say my first Celeste Bianchi Specialissima "in the flesh" my first Cinelli Death Pedals and my first Teledyne Titan, all among the spectators. And on Thevenets's bike, the first retrofrictions I has ever seen - I think Poulidor may have had them on his Mercier as well.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Can someone tell me more about Harry Quinn. In the guide, I show
> QUINN, Harry: 7/9 Walton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L44PL England. Since 1901. Called Coronets until 1945.....
> Jerry Moos points out that a 1970s Viking brochure says that the frames were designed by Harry Quinn. If Harry Quinn was an individual who started building in 1901, who was the Harry Quinn who designed the Viking--individual or company?
> Lou Deeter, Orlando FL