Re: [CR]Official Cirque 2004 DVD and group photo

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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:23:16 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Official Cirque 2004 DVD and group photo

To all C-R members,

Please accept my apology, I made serious mistake in posting regarding 4 DVD disks.

This is the "correct" and final ID's for your choice of 4 disks;

1) DVD #1, approx 45 min. Bill Boston, Delaware, Engineer and retired custom framebuilder. Pioneer in use of computer to design bikes. The first modern bike builder to use smaller front wheel for women's frames (to enable short top tube.)  He now has developed and selling Accufit bike sizing computer programs.

2) DVD #2, approx 57min, John Slawta maker of Landshark bicycles, Medford Oregon. John was an artist and native Californian who in his one man shop makes custom bikes. He has equipped many riders including Andy Hampsten in his winning of the Giro D'Italia.

3) DVD #3, 2 seminars combined, A+B$+38 min. A) Patrick Brady, CO-publisher, Asphalt magazine. Redondo Beach, California. Originally from Tennessee, Patrick is an active rider and has been involved in the bicycle magazine trade for some years. He previously was with Road Bike magazine. B) Taliah Lempert, New York City based painter who has focused on bicycles as her subject matter. She uses oil paints, pencil and mixed media and will accept commissions for "bicycle portraits."

4) DVD #4, approx 40 min. Richard Schwinn, grondson of the founder Schwinn Bicycle Company, now CEO of Waterford Bicycle today, speaking of "histroy" of the American legend, and grory days of Paramount bikes.

Please specify DVD number for your choice.

You can play these in your computer or home DVD player.

Payment by "Paypal" to,

or send a check or M/O to;

Huemax Company (payable to;) P. O. Box 2408 High Point, NC 27260

Thank you, and very sorry for confusion I caused.