Re: [CR]retro boy in a modern world...brake pads?

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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 13:11:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Feldman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]retro boy in a modern world...brake pads?
To: marc garcia <>,
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Marc, Kool Stop makes Campy NR/SR friendly pad inserts. They are a no-modifications slide fit into the old holders. David Feldman Vancouver, WA

--- marc garcia wrote:

> I got the frejus up and running and it's quite a
> lovely ride. I replaced the chain, which was not a
> problem after taking out two links. The other thing
> that had to be changed were the brake pads. I had
> some older shimano blocks laying around so I used
> those but they just didn't work very well. I decided
> to ride it over to a local shop I hadn't been to
> before to see what options they had. Well I rolled
> my frejus into the shop and inquired about some
> pads, they said the only thing they had were kool
> stops, but the modern kind, no blocks. One mechanic
> snickered and said, "Yeah I don't know if it's worth
> it to you to put 25.00 pads on such an old bike."
> What? I sneered at him and pulled out my credit
> card. I'm not exactly sure what model they are but I
> checked the website and they kind of look like dura
> ace pads, came with the holders as well. They're
> dual compound, red and black. they look a bit funky
> but actually they don't look too bad on the bike. I
> took it for a ride in the alley
> and applied the front brake and nearly did a header
> over the bars. The pads were definately an
> improvement.
> I've struggled with the pad issue for a while, what
> does everyone think is an appropriate replacement
> for our vintage rides? Although they are pricey,
> these kool stops seem to be quite worth it. My
> favorite feature being the swivel stem which easily
> allows for toe in. I know some would say it's
> heresey too put such pads on a bike like my frejus
> but if you ride your bicycles alot, isn't peformance
> more important than looks?
> How about chains? I bought a Z chain for the frejus,
> seems to be decent, again I had to shorten it a bit,
> but that could have to do with the gearing on the
> bike more than the original chain length. What do
> all of you tend to use in terms of chains?
> thanks
> marc garcia
> chicago IL
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