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Subject: RE: [CR]Final draft; Powdercoating
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 11:38:43 -0800
Thread-Topic: [CR]Final draft; Powdercoating
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Oh, and the clears chipping on the chrome because adhesion sealer wasn't used. Damn it, how many times do I have to tell you guys.

george argiris san diego, ca

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Dave; I'm looking purely from a durability standpoint, and clear coating would not stand up as well as powder. Don't get wrong, as I'm not thinking of powdering one of my older classics. The largest issue with clear coating is also over chrome. My 55 Magnum OPus has a nice paint job, but the chrome was clear coated, as was the rest of the frame, and now its cracking over the head lugs which are chromed and pealing in other chromed areas, so now I'm stuck with a gorgious frame in need of what should be, uneeded renovation.

--- David Patrick wrote:

> Peter,
> I guess my main concern is that, from what I
> understand, powder coating is a BITCH to remove.
> The main method of removal is to bake it off in a
> very high temp oven, and I am not sure what this
> would do to the frame. It seems to me that
> consideration should be given to how this would
> leave the frameset for future generations.
> That said, if you're after durability, why not have
> a thin coat of Imron laid over a paint job? While
> not historically accurate, I've seen Imron expertly
> applied by both Joe Bell & Brian Baylis, leaving a
> finish that doesn't appear thick & heavy, especially
> around lug edges. And Imron is durable, taking a
> heap of abuse.
> Dave Patrick
> Chelsea, Michigan
> Peter Naiman <> wrote:
> I know this may seem like herecy to many on the CR,
> but I'll live life on the edge dangerously, and for
> those who don't agree I'll agree to be stoned by you
> all at Cirque outside the Battleground Inn at
> sunrise.
> I've sent a few jpgs of my 2000 Hetchins Magnum Opus Millenium over to
> Spectrum Powdercoating to get a ball
> park estimate to powdercoat the frame in three
> colours, with luglining. They came back to me this
> morning with an extremely fair estimate of $700.
> After
> looking over their galleries of pictures, & talking
> at
> length with Mark, one of two owners, a few days ago
> and asking many in depth question about their
> process, they seem fully capable of doing the work.
> I
> may give them an older, less ornate Claude Butler I
> have to do for me to see how their final work looks.
> Knowing from prior knowledge that powder coating can
> applied heavily, I'm concerned about losing detail
> in
> a lugged frame. Mark has indicated that the
> powdercoating they use is applied in layers as thin
> as
> liquid paint, therefore details in ornate lugwork
> should not be lost. They are also capable of having
> lugling and boxlining done, as they have a loner who
> they feel is beeter than all others. Spectrum also
> does paint work in liquid as well. Clear coating,
> and
> a powder coating in black chrome are also available.
> However they cannot guarantee an exect match of
> colour, but try to come as close as possible. The
> only
> question I may have missed is one of refinishing,
> dealing with the difficulty of stripping the frame
> for
> refinish once it has been powdercoated.
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