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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 20:21:10 -0800

Geoff: We just watched the cycling World Cup Event at the ADT track here in Los Angeles. The Keirin was one of the feature events. The riders had all types of racing machines. Steel, aluminum, carbon fiber. Didn't notice any titanium. The new trend if affordable is carbon fiber. The technology has improved so much in the last few years that it is the material of choice. So the answer is both yes and no. If someone has an old frameset then yes. If it's made too new then no. So get an old one '83 minus and you are in. They were mostly the old regular track bikes, steel, lugged. Hope this helps. Anyone else to add to my comments? Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Subject: [CR]Ignorance and a question

> Hi all
> I have just been looking at the site with Keirin content that was
> mentioned last night.I have to admit to a large amount of ignorance when
> it comes to this discipline and want to know is this event still contested
> on bikes built in the style that we all have an interest in.I didn't see
> any carbon one piece frames. If this is so, do the rules enforce this.
> Geoff Duke Melbourne Australia